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Clari5 Enterprise Financial Crime Management and AML Solution Suite

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Current Version: Version 4.8

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Clari5 is a next gen enterprise platform for real-time intelligence. We have used the best of technology to bring in the most cost effective real-time intelligent solutions for financial institutions in the financial crime risk management domain. Clari5 real-time intelligence solutions are deployed enterprise wide using commodity hardware in some of the Fortune500 global banks - is a validation of our innovation.Clari5 Enterprise Financial Crime Management Solution suite provides real-time anti-fraud and anti-money laundering capabilities on a unified real-time intelligence platform.

Clari5 Enterprise Fraud Management (EFM) is a real-time Enterprise Wide Fraud Detection, Monitoring and prevention solution that monitors suspicious patterns across transactions, events, users, accounts, systems in real-time and responds with the right action to pass or block transaction, or generate real-time alerts for manual investigation.

Clari5 AML solution helps banks and financial institutions automate, streamline and comply with existing and emerging regulatory AML/CFT compliance programs. Clari5 AML suite consists of following solutions, available individually or as an integrated whole, namely: Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Customer Risk Categorization, Entity Identity Resolution/Watch List Filtering, Regulatory Reporting (CTR/STR/SAR and any other reports to be submitted to the Central Bank), Scenario Authoring Tool for creating new scenarios, Integrated Case Management, Investigation Tools, Entity Link Analysis and Comprehensive Management Reporting. Moreover, Clari5 suite has been found very effective crime combatting solution in India, the country where fraud levels are too high. 

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers Confidential
Customer Size Large Enterprise , Medium
Customer Type Central Banks , Commercial Banks , Corporates , IT Integrators
Target Market Africa , Asia , Australia/New Zealand , Europe , Global , North America
Specific georgaphical coverage undisclosed
Offered on both perpetual license & annual subscription models
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  • Proactively combats cross channel, cross product fraud in real-time across the banking enterprise
  • Customer-aware solution that monitors 360 degrees digesting all transactions and actions
  • Silo Breaker solution that combats sophisticated fraud with real-time, actionable insights
  • Employs intelligent models based on neural network, time series and complex analytics to deliver insights
  • Automation of entire AML compliance program starting from customer on-boarding to steady relationship monitoring
  • Comply to risk-based AML approach with on-going customer risk rating and risk-based Transaction Monitoring
  • Comprehensive investigation capability based on the risk level of the suspicious transactions through integrated case management with the power of Investigation Tools
  • Entity Link Analysis with graphical analysis to discover money laundering rings and funds structuring
  • Automated STR/SAR/CTR generation as part of regulatory reporting


  • Perform fraud prevention in real-time as banking transactions occur
  • Pre-packaged scenarios and built-in interfaces across Products/Channels to achieve quick ROI
  • Dynamic profiling of suspicious devices, cards, merchants or payees for preventing fraudulent transactions
  • Expedited fraud investigation based on Investigation Workbench and Integrated Case Management
  • Integrated reports and dashboard providing insights on the efficiency and effectiveness of the fraud prevention
  • Real-time approach to monitoring and detecting suspicious money laundering transactions
  • Improved regulatory compliance and customer confidence
  • Quicker implementation by virtue of pre-packaged AML scenarios and built-in interfaces for integration
  • Low cost commodity hardware infrastructure leading to reduced TCO

Platform & Workflow

Server OS AIX (IBM) , Linux (Red Hat, Mandrake, Debian, SuSe, etc.)
Workstation OS Unix , Linux , Mac
Programming Language and API Java, REST API
SetUp and Installation Options undisclosed
Deployment Period undisclosed
Reporting Capabilities Regulatory Reporting - Cash Transaction Reports, Suspicious Transaction Reporting / Suspicious Activity Reporting, Non-Profit Transaction Reporting, Counterfeit Currency Reporting, Cross-border Transaction Reporting. Management Reporting - Role based Man
Security Options Clari5 Solution supports SSO. Clients can also integrate Clari5 solution with existing authentication servers (LDAP/AD) deployed.
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards FATCA

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option Hosted by third party , Inhouse , Hosted by provider
Hosting provider undisclosed
Devices Supported Android , iPhone-iPad , Linux , Mac , Web-based , Windows
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) MS SQL Server, Oracle
Third party integration Open integration architecture with support for multiple integration mechanisms

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Phone Support , Video Tutorials , Knowledge Base


Support Location 1
Country India
Address #113/1B, 1st Floor, SRIT House, ITPL Main Road, Kundalahalli, Bangalore
Phone +91.80.3221.8309


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