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FrontPM provides a complete solution that allows middle-office teams to monitor their alternative assets in an easy, efficient and fully auditable manner. FrontPM is targeted towards the Finance (Middle-Office) department and Deal teams at Private Equity GPs.

The key benefits of FrontPM are:

• Greater accuracy and auditability of portfolio data,analyses, reports, and dashboards

• Greater security of portfolio data, analyses, reports and dashboards

• Automation of key tasks, such as gathering portfolio data, calculating portfolio KPIs and generating reports and dashboards

• An improved value proposition for the middle-office staff, as they can focus much more of their efforts on real analysis and ad-hoc reporting, and much less on mechanical tasks

• Improved accessibility to reports and dashboards

• Greater ability to respond to report requests, and to reproduce those reports on an ongoing basis as needed

• Lower exposure to the loss of key personnel

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