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Esprow ETP (Enterprise Testing Platform)

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Current Version: 3.4.0
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Technology Category: Testing Platform

Product/Service Description

Esprow is a leading provider of testing and compliance automation solutions for the financial industry. The Esprow Enterprise Testing Platform (Esprow ETP) provides an integrated suite of applications to automate testing of multi-protocol financial systems (ETP Studio), on-boarding and certification of counterparties (ETP C-Box), native exchange and broker simulation (ETP Markets), and management of exchanges APIs and specifications (ETP S-Box).

ETP Studio is sophisticated and versatile FIX-testing and simulation tool for financial markets that you can carry out FIX testing in almost no-time at all. It is also designed to satisfy the requirements of demanding technical users requiring powerful and configurable testing commands. With its modular architecture you only see the tools you need, leaving all other complexities out. Or you can power-up your toolset by adding plug-ins with advanced testing features.

ETP C-Box is the industry's most advanced platform to automate certification and onboarding of all inbound connectivity for exchanges, MTFs and brokers. ETP C-Box reduces certification cycles from months down to days. Multiple exchange members can connect simultaneously to your staging environment and carry out tests round-the-clock, reducing the time it takes to organize and execute the on-boarding process.

ETP S-Box is a centralized repository to store, browse, and edit FIX and non-FIX message specifications across the enterprise, based on the FIX Orchestra technology. ETP S-Box provides a centralized repository that makes it easy to store and share message specifications used across the company. ETP S-Box is a must-have for exchanges wanting to centralize management of FIX and non-FIX (including proprietary) message protocols specifications to avoid duplication and save time.

Customer Overview

Total Number of customers Undisclosed
Customer Size Large Enterprise , Medium
Customer Type Commercial Banks , Corporates , Institutional Investors , Investment Banks , IT Integrators , Securities Lending & Financing Organizations
Target Market Global
Specific georgaphical coverage USA, EMEA, APAC
Recurring All-Inclusive Application License
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    Esprow ETP Studio for FIX provides a complete toolset to automate testing of FIX-based systems. Designed around the needs of technical and non-technical users, ETP Studio for FIX enables testing of FIX sessions, building of complex suites of test scenarios or replaying of large production log files. ETP Studio functionality enables creating of test scripts for regression testing, simulation of execution venues in both FIX and binary format, and interactive testing of FIX sessions. ETP Studio rich set of functionality has been designed to meet the sophisticated requirements of brokers, exchanges, vendors, MTFs, and OTFs.



    • ETP Studio delivers end-to-end automated testing of enterprise trading architectures.
    • Test scripts and simulators can be executed headless and integrated within CI/CD pipelines.



    • Leverage ETP Studio centralized reporting to fulfill compliance and audit requirements.
    • Provide visibility into the testing and release process to all stakeholders



    • Achieve complete regression testing of FIX sessions and FIX gateways before every release.
    • Test individual services provided by different business modules, with FIX and other protocols.
    • Exercise 100% of your business functionality, across the trade lifecycle and trading functions.
    • Verify functionality verticals provided through FIX and across business areas.
    • Test the integration of FIX-enabled systems within the trading architecture.
    • Verify trading limits, fail-over scenarios, authorized transactions, and mission-critical capabilities.
    • ETP Studio supports testing of the ION Fidessa platform.
    • ETP Studio supports exchange onboarding on the NASDAQ Genium INET OMnet protocol.



    At a time of increasing market regulation and compliance requirements, Esprow ETP Studio delivers a modern toolset to automate testing of FIX connectivity and FIX APIs, guaranteeing system uptime and trading compliance.

    The high-level list of Esprow ETP Studio capabilities includes:

    • Regression and Functional Testing
    • Unit and System Testing
    • Integration and Security Testing
    • Performance and Static-Data Testing


    ETP Studio is easily extensible with many functionality plugins, including:

    • FIX Order Manager
    • FIX Session Manager
    • FIX Exchange Simulator
    • FIX Market Data Manager
    • FIX RFQ Manager
    • FIX Performance Package
    • FIX On-Boarding Package
    • GUI Testing Package and many non-FIX protocol connectors.
    • Support for ION Fidessa OpenAccess, NASDAQ Genium INET OMnet, and many binary protocols.


    Esprow ETP's technology roadmap is mostly driven by our clients, through their feedback and requirements. Whether through training, installation service or custom application enhancements, our professional services team is ready to support you, whichever testing project you are embarking on.

Platform & Workflow

Server OS FreeBSD (Open Source) , Solaris (Sun Microsystems) , Windows 2000 Server/Advanced Server/Datacentre (Microsoft) , Windows Azure (Microsoft) , Windows Server , Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard/Enterprise/Datacentre/Web Server/Small Business (Microsoft) , Windows Server 2008 (Microsoft) , Windows Server 2016 , Windows Vista (Microsoft) , Windows XP (Microsoft)
Workstation OS Windows , Linux , Mac
Programming Language and API Java
SetUp and Installation Options On-Prem, Cloud, Hypervisor
Deployment Period Configurable
Reporting Capabilities ETP R-Box reporting server
Security Options NA
The product/service compliant with the following regulatory standards undisclosed
Multi-Protocol, FIX and binary

Connectivity, Hosting and Intergration

Hosting Option Hosted by third party , Hosted by provider
Hosting provider undisclosed
Devices Supported Linux , Web-based , Windows
Compatibility with Database Management System (DBMS) undisclosed
Third party integration undisclosed

Support Services

Support Option Online Support , Video Tutorials , Knowledge Base


Support Location 1
Country Singapore
Address 100 Tras Street #16-01, 100 AM Singapore 079027
Phone +65-3159-3682
Support Location 2
Country United States
Address 80 Broad St. 5th Fl. #247 New York, NY 10004
Phone +1 (646) 583 0711
Support Location 3
Country Japan
Address Kyobashi Edogrand SENQ 3F 2-2-1 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku Tokyo, 104-0031
Phone +81 (0)3 4520-8927


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