Genesis Global Selects ESPROW to Test High-Throughput FIX Infrastructure

  • Infrastructure
  • 21.09.2022 12:35 pm

Esprow LLC, a leading global provider of automated testing and compliance solutions for the financial industry, today announced that Genesis Global (Genesis), the low-code application development platform purpose-built for financial markets organizations, has adopted ESPROW’s Enterprise Testing Platform (ETP) to automate testing of their FIX connectivity and message processing.

Esprow ETP is the industry’s leading solution for automated testing of trading applications, client onboarding, and API management. With its platform approach, ETP gives cross-assets’ teams the tools they need to design, test, and maintain APIs. The platform includes ETP Studio for API testing, ETP C-Box for client onboarding, ETP S-Box to design and manage APIs and their specifications, and the ETP Markets exchange-simulation service.

Genesis required a scalable and versatile testing platform to validate FIX connectivity and message processing for a high-profile project. Their testing requirements were challenging, involving multiple concurrent FIX sessions and the simulation of a high-velocity data environment with millions of FIX messages. With an ambitious delivery schedule, Genesis needed a partner that would work closely with them to successfully deliver the project within an agreed timeframe.

James Harrison, CTO and Co-Founder at Genesis Global, comments: “With our solution needing to process many hundreds of thousands of FIX messages per second, we wanted to independently validate our performance in processing these flows accurately and predictably.  We chose Esprow to help in simulating replayable, real-life workflows and their service helped us deliver the project on time and on budget.”

Francesco Lo Conte, Managing Director at Esprow in New York, comments: "We are thrilled to partner with Genesis for the delivery of automated API testing and simulation. Innovation and ambition are values that Esprow and Genesis share and since the beginning has formed the basis of our partnership. We look forward to continuing contributing to their tremendous growth.”

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