HeyTrade Teams Up with Nucoro to Form API-Technology Partnership

  • Wealth Management , Cloud
  • 08.06.2022 10:23 am

Leading wealthtech platform provider Nucoro has announced that its client HeyTrade, a Spanish-based fintech, has launched a new global
investment platform that simplifies investment in stocks and ETFs across 12
European and US markets. New entrant, HeyTrade, leveraged the Nucoro
platform to create a fully realised platform in just under a year.

The collaboration between the two companies began at the start of 2021,
after HeyTrade completed an extensive market analysis for a development
platform that could provide the key functionality to run a retail digital
trading service. It chose the Nucoro Platform because it offered the
advanced flexibility to deliver an end-to-end digital investment product
that easily integrated with third parties - all in record time.

Ramiro Martínez-Pardo, CEO, HeyTrade said: "When we embarked on this
journey, we knew we were entering a busy market, with strong players already
positioned and new challengers entering almost every quarter. We also knew
that in such an increasingly crowded landscape, we needed to aim for the
shortest time-to-market possible, with a powerful and competitive product
that we could expand over time. Nucoro's cloud-native technology and fast
implementation times were pivotal in us achieving our ambitious launch."

The HeyTrade technical team tested the platform capabilities by launching a
sandbox environment in the Nucoro Developer Portal, allowing them to confirm
that Nucoro was the right fit for the solution they were planning to build.
The platform services client onboarding, account funding and trading,
allowing users to trade more than 1700 stocks and ETFs in 12 different
markets. HeyTrade also uses Nucoro's platform as the main orchestration
layer between the different services, and the main storage backend for
related data.

Lennart Asshoff, CEO, Nucoro said: "We are always thrilled that we can help
launch new entrants to the market, especially when they have commendable
missions like HeyTrade's - to simplify investing for all traders. We look
forward to seeing how the partnership will grow; helping HeyTrade on its
ambitious growth plan to expand to multiple markets and enabling retail
investors to access capital markets."

Nucoro's cloud-native infrastructure not only enabled HeyTrade to leapfrog
its competitors from a standing start but provides HeyTrade with the
foundation to scale its app to 100,000s customers and build out even more
propositions in future.


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