Asiamoney: CreditEase Wealth Management Named Best Wealth Management Firm of the Year

  • Wealth Management
  • 03.07.2017 09:00 am

CreditEase Wealth Management was named "Best Wealth Management Firm of the Year" in the inaugural China Independent Wealth Management category, by Asiamoney. This award is the second global recognition within half a year for CreditEase Wealth Management, after receiving the Asian Banker's award for "Best Non-Bank Private Wealth Product" in December 2016.

CreditEase Wealth Management was awarded for its assets under management (AUM), wealth management product performance, and the firm's application of modern technologies to better service its clients. CreditEase Wealth Management was one of the only two institutions that qualified to receive awards in eight categories under a rigorous evaluation process.

According to Asiamoney, "In 2016, CreditEase set itself further apart from its domestic peers with remarkable success in sustaining robust business growth, outstanding performance of product offerings and leadership in exploring advanced technologies to develop innovative products."

Asiamoney added, "CreditEase launched a robo-advisor platform to help mass affluent clients find the most suitable asset allocation solutions and enable them to track and rebalance their portfolios real time to optimize returns. The firm also rolled out a "smart insurance" platform which employs big data analytic tools that immediately construct and recommend comprehensive insurance plans for clients after they submit information via mobile phones. It was also the wealth management firm to apply blockchain technology in philanthropic financing to allow clients to track the performance of the loans offered to needy people."

"This is Asiamoney's very first evaluation of China's independent wealth management firms," said Ning Tang, CreditEase's founder and CEO. "For CreditEase Wealth Management to win the biggest award from the get-go is a solid testament to Asiamoney's recognition of our overall strength, and a distinct acclaim for our campaign to popularize the concept of asset allocation in China."


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