TransferGo Reveals Express Delivery Option for Next Morning Payout

  • Transaction Banking , Payments
  • 08.02.2017 01:00 pm

TransferGo have unveiled their latest international money transfer option: priority next early morning delivery for just £2.99.

The company’s calling the latest addition to the stable of transfer options Express delivery and it guarantees next business day delivery by 10am, for bookings made between 3:30pm and 7am.

Having launched real-time money transfers last year, TransferGo are continuing in their mission to provide migrant workers with more flexible option for fast, easy and cheap international money transfers. The Express delivery option allows for a booking to be made out of normal bank transfer hours (anytime between 3:30pm and 7am) for priority delivery on the morning of the next business day.

Express delivery is a great addition to the options available for migrants sending money abroad, as it allows for transfers to be made outside of the times banks and money transfer providers typically operate. In doing so, it empowers those who work unusual shifts patterns to still be able to still be able to send money for next day delivery, and the guaranteed delivery before 10am is perfect for urgent transfers.

“We want to give migrants the option to send money home in the way that works for them the best.” Said Guste Sadaunykaite, Head of Brand and Communications at TransferGo, “All our services are faster than banks or other cash services.  Last year we introduced close to real-time money transfers, which was greeted with a high demand. This new option will give our customers more choice and more flexibility in when their money is received, putting them even more in control.”

The Express delivery option is available now for transfers all across Europe and costs just £2.99.

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