RTGS.Global Appoints Dave Sissens as CEO

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  • 15.04.2021 11:20 am

RTGS.global, the world’s first real-time cross-border liquidity network, today announces the appointment of Dave Sissens as CEO. Dave will drive an accelerated commercial strategy at RTGS.global and operationalisation of the company’s services, as announced by RTGS.global founder Nick Ogden.

The appointment follows a successful first two years of operation and comes as RTGS.global ramps up commercial efforts to serve global demand. In September 2020, the company launched stage one of its operational rollout, the result of a collaboration with Microsoft. The transformative new system enables banks to gain complete visibility of liquidity between their counterparties, for the first time. 

Dave brings decades of experience in building and growing financial market infrastructures. His leadership skills and strengths in strategy, delivery and technology were forged across many leadership roles during his >20-year tenure at CLS – the largest global settlement system, which processes transactions of multi-trillion dollar values a day. More recently, Dave was the Chief Solutions Officer for FNA, a deep technology firm which specialises in the design, analytics and simulation of payment systems.  In this role, Dave was responsible for all revenue and ensuring the strategic alignment of the advanced technology to the market’s requirements.

Throughout his career Dave has retained a deep focus on reducing risk in global markets, specifically settlement risk. Having worked closely with the world’s largest banks and Central Banks, Dave is acutely aware of the risks, challenges and opportunities they face when processing cross-border transactions. 

RTGS.global was founded by fintech entrepreneur and founder of Worldpay and ClearBank, Nick Ogden. The company’s mission is to solve financial friction which is currently estimated to cost the global economy close to $15 trillion dollars per year1. RTGS.global does this by bringing together banks and their liquidity to form the world’s first liquidity network. The network makes liquidity visible, enabling bi-lateral liquidity transfers that settle instantly. For the first time, Liquidity vs Liquidity (LvL) transfers are possible. 

Dave Sissens, CEO, RTGS.global, says:The systems, processes and solutions supporting cross-border financial transactions have evolved slowly over the past decades. This slow development has in fact increased transactional friction, decelerating the progress of the financial services industry when compared to digital innovation elsewhere. RTGS.global’s unique liquidity platform brings transformational change to an industry in which customers are demanding less friction, more transparency and instant transactional completion. I am extremely excited to join the company at this time in its evolution, as it deploys a solution which transforms liquidity movement across a wide range of financial markets, promising to forever change the way that global payments operate.”

Nick Ogden, Founder, RTGS.global, says: We are delighted to welcome Dave, to lead the next phase of RTGS.global’s development. RTGS.global was born out of a desire to eliminate financial friction and risk, and we have already made incredible strides towards achieving that vision. As we continue to build out our global platform,  institutions around the world are now engaged with us as we move towards fully service availability this year. We are now ready to execute our commercial growth strategy and bolster our leadership team with the key skills we require to  serve the  demand developing from the industry internationally, including from banks, central banks, financial institutions and others. Dave’s experience and strengths make him an ideal candidate for this key role, and I look forward to working with him to take RTGS.global to the next level of global success.

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