Prepaid Financial Services acquires Specter Technologies Limited

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  • 21.02.2017 11:30 am

Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS), a recognized e-money issuer, and alternative-banking provider today reported about acquisition of Spectre Technologies Limited (STL). This is a Malta-based software development enterprise with a long history of providing bespoke software to banking and FinTech industries.

Previously PFS has worked closely with the Spectre Technologies team for several years. It has always been impressed by how quickly they could build bespoke payment infrastructure and programmes for clients.

This acquisition will further solidify PFS position, as one of the leading payments providers in Europe. The technology platform and ability to innovate enables us to cater to the needs of clients in today’s fast changing payment and software environment.

As a market leader of middleware solutions for the prepaid industry, Spectre Technologies has tightly cooperated with PFS to develop e-wallets, FX systems, mobile apps, and loading networks. This acquisition accelerates PFS’s ability to apply new financial products and enhances the existing services for the benefit of its customers.

CEO of Spectre IT promises providing additional support in building innovative solutions. As well as acting in an advisor to organizations when launching new products and services to the market.

This acquisition demonstrates PFS’s commitment to innovation, which focuses on providing alternative banking solutions to clients and their end users. The partnership with STL will allow us to accelerate the delivery of products and programmes to meet their needs in even shorter timeframes.

The partnership will also enable PFS to provide white-label mobile payments solutions, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. As well as, our new and existing clients and wallet partners, to give them access to the company’s IBAN and SEPA payments solution throughout Europe. Thus enhancing their value proposition. This cross-border mobile payment development will be a major benefit for clients, regardless of whether they are a bank, a mobile operator, or a FinTech startup.


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