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  • 07.07.2020 11:45 am

Start-up PSP targeting Generation Z streamers, bloggers and influencers

Intruder, a new payments services provider (PSP) targeting Generation Z providers of paid/subscription content, is due to be launched in October 2020.

According to Anton Nikonorov, Intruder’s founder and a former manager with Sberbank Technologies, the new PSP aims to save the users time and money when they make or receive payments. Intruder can handle streams for donations, paid marathons on Instagram, or accepting money for advertising.

A special bot will collect all the necessary information about customers and send it to the user. This will make it easier for users to issue receipts through social media.

Intruder automates  most processes, including the opening and maintaining personal accounts, issuing cards, acquiring, and collecting donations. Notes Nikonov: ‘this makes it much easier for the user to keep track of the donors and subscribers that he/she is dealing with.’

Creators Intruder have invested €400,000 of their own funds in the project and received angel investments of €80,000 from an unnamed individual.

The project’s MVP is ready and it has successfully passed the European banking compliance. The new PSP will be integrated with SWIFT, SEPA, Union Pay, Visa and Mastercard. Mobile apps will be available for download after the official launch on Google Play and AppStore.

Visit website https://intruder.ws/en/

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