ThinkMarkets implements PayPal for global payment coverage

  • Trading Systems , Payments
  • 16.03.2017 10:30 am

ThinkMarkets is a leading provider of forex and CFD trading, who has enhanced its payment offering with the launch of PayPal. The new payment solution enables ThinkMarkets’ global user-base to deposit and withdraw funds through PayPal’s international network.

With the addition of PayPal as a funding method, ThinkMarkets’ users will be able to deposit funds into their trading accounts on the MetaTrader 4 and ThinkTrader platform in a quick, efficient and secure way.

Commenting about the new offering, Nauman Anees CEO and Co-founder of ThinkMarkets said: “The inclusion of PayPal to our vast offering of payment services strengthens our global reach and enables ThinkMarkets’ to offer a more diverse & competitive solution for its clients.”

PayPal, a leading payment provider, allows users to send and receive payments electronically in a secure manner. PayPal’s solution, complements the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts, credit cards and merchants and creates a global real-time payment solution.

“We’re bridging the gap and streamlining the time it takes for our clients to trade with us,” explained Faizan Anees, Managing Director and Co-founder of the derivatives provider.

ThinkMarkets’ users, from certain eligible countries, benefit from its streamlined account on-boarding process and can apply for a live trading account in minutes. The firm has invested significantly in its core infrastructure, with a fully integrated and inter-operating website, back-office and compliance verification software that enables automated processes, and thus approved account holders are able to deposit funds instantly through the use of PayPal.

ThinkMarkets users’ will be able to access PayPal and other funding options, such as e-wallets, debit & credit cards and others through the firm’s dedicated client account management system, ThinkPortal. The simple & easy-to-use portal allows users to manage & administer all aspects of their account. In addition, clients can use the payments module to deposit and withdraw directly, to and from, their trading accounts.

“Our vision has always been to offer a seamless solution for the FX trading community and this new offering reinforces our key focus of; “automation and digitalisation,” added Nauman Anees.

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