StormGain Has Launched Trading Signals for Crypto

  • Trading Systems
  • 17.10.2019 04:47 am

The cryptocurrency platform StormGain, the official sponsor of the Newcastle United Football Club, has launched a trading signal service for its registered clients.

Trading signals do not require special skills and are available to all StormGain traders. Simply open the “Markets” section in the StormGain application and select the appropriate cryptocurrency for trading. 

On the chart of this cryptocurrency, there will be a “Signal” button. After clicking on it, you will receive information about the best direction for opening a deal, about the sum of money and a multiplier to use in this deal. In addition, the signal description will contain information about the stop-loss and take-profit levels that are suitable for this trade. After clicking on the “Use Signal” button, you just need to confirm your choice on the next screen. 

StormGain CEO Alex Althausen said: “We are pleased to offer the most useful service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts - trading signals. Thanks to this service, everyone can get notifications about the most interesting opportunities available on the market. Making a profit with cryptocurrencies becomes easier with trading signals”.

With trading signals, beginners and experienced crypto traders do not need to spend a lot of time analysing the market situation. Trading signals are all that is needed to get the most relevant information on popular cryptocurrencies and make profitable deals on cryptos. And even if you don’t know how to trade, you can learn about trading directly through the StormGain application. 

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