SoftSolutions! Appoints James Della-Porta as Head of Client Engagement

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  • 16.03.2021 11:15 am

SoftSolutions!, the high performance multi-market fixed income trading technology provider, today announced that industry veteran James Della-Porta has joined as Head of Client Engagement. In his role, James will help clients take full advantage of the flexible approach that SoftSolutions! offers to the fixed income marketplace. 

SoftSolutions! has been delivering fixed income trading technology for over two decades, and has recently launched the next generation of its nexRates solution, a fully integrated electronic Trading-as-a-Service platform for secondary markets.  

James Della-Porta has been active in the fixed income market for the majority of his career, particularly in electronic distribution,  most recently holding senior roles at Tradition Securities and Barclays Bank. He brings a mix of buyside and sellside experience to the table which will allow SoftSolutions! to be a true strategic partner to its clients.  James understands firsthand that the industry is confronted with major challenges ranging from margin pressure, capacity for handling market volatility and the need for trading teams to work seamlessly from multiple locations.  SoftSolutions! has engineered a service that matches the functionality of the dominant players in the market, with more flexibility and cost efficiency. 

Roberto Cocchi, CEO of SoftSolutions!, said: “We are excited to have James join our team. With his extensive knowledge of the marketplace, James’ background as a consumer and developer of electronic trading platforms in some of the world's top institutions gives him a unique perspective on how our clients can get the best from SoftSolutions!.

SoftSolutions! electronic trading-as-a-service platform is a new alternative for the market, born from the team’s experience of building proven and powerful end-to-end technology. Fixed income traders can navigate challenging market conditions and outperform the competition with a modern and rational solution that delivers rich data, insights and intelligence. 

James Della-Porta, Head of Client Engagement, SoftSolutions! said “I am pleased to join SoftSolutions!, a company that recognises the need for trading and investment firms to accommodate new and robust technologies to navigate today’s major changes and rising costs. I look forward to helping clients take full advantage of the innovative, cost effective and flexible platform to create bespoke solutions to meet their fixed income trading needs.” 

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