smartTrade easily handles MiFID II challenges

  • Trading Systems , Compliance , Regulatory Standards
  • 18.01.2017 04:00 pm

smartTradeTechnologies, a multi-asset electronic trading solutions pioneer,has been working with a number of institutions on MiFIR/MiFID II implementations.

Transparency, best execution, algorithmic trading and transaction reporting are some of the key areas of concern identified. With less than a year before the 3-Jan-2018 deadline, smartTrade announces that it is ready for MiFID II challenges.

smartTrade provides banks and dealers with cross-asset solutions for sales-trader workflow management, record keeping, best execution and transaction reporting, as well as platform resiliency.

In order to help investment firms electronify their sales-trader workflow and address their pre-trade and post-trade transparency requirements, smartTrade provides a unique and truly cross-asset single-dealer platform supporting both FX and Fixed income instruments, including derivatives. The platform allows users to visualize key regulatory information based on dynamic rules and can be integrated with upstream and downstream sources, such as a pricing engine, internal website or Approved Public Arrangement (APA) provider.

For Best Execution and Transaction reporting, smartTrade’s clients can leverage the market leading smartAnalytics solution. This solution addresses big data analytics requirements, facilitating the storage of all trading information (quotes, RFQs, orders and trades, including intermediate states) as well as generating numerous business and regulatory reports.

The smartTrade MiFID II solutions can be delivered as a fully hosted and managed certified platform, as well as software only. The hosted option reduces time to market and costs. It also meets algorithmic trading requirements, in particular for high-frequency trading (HFT), such as microsecond timestamping.

“Many financial firms have approached us looking for a partner to help them get ready in time for MiFID II.” says David Vincent, CEO of smartTrade Technologies. “With less than a year to go, clients appreciate our regulatory expertise, proven delivery record and our hosted and managed solution which allows for a quick yet assured time to market.”

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