Rival Systems now offering Value-at-Risk within its award-winning Rival Risk platform

  • Trading Systems , Risk Management
  • 19.04.2018 10:25 am

Rival Systems (Rival), an award-winning provider of trading and risk management software, today announced the availability of Value-at-Risk (VaR) within its Rival Risk platform. By enabling users to calculate VaR, Rival adds yet another enhancement to its long list of risk features, creating one of the most comprehensive, all-in-one tools in the risk management space.

“Our team is always innovating and providing unique software solutions for a better, more thorough client experience,” said Robert D’Arco, CEO at Rival. “ImplementingVaR into Rival Risk is a perfect example. The ability for users to calculate VaR for all of their accounts at any point in the day by simply clicking a button will save risk managers time and provide valuable insights to better analyze their firm’s exposure.”

Rival Risk’s VaR calculation utilizes Monte Carlo simulation, the most advanced and accurate way to calculate VAR, generating thousands of possible future market scenarios to determine the risk of loss in a set timeframe and confidence level. Rival’s Monte Carlo simulation is able to calculate VaR for an account in seconds and provides a unique view into the calculation with graphical displays of the distribution and statistical output.  The simulation runs on the entire portfolio at once, so it captures non-linear interactions among positions in correlated products.

Rival Risk launched in 2015 and is the first real-time, fully hosted HTML5-based risk platform to bring enterprise risk management capabilities across trading platforms and clearing firms. To learn more about Rival’s comprehensive suite of integrated products for all financial technology needs, including multi-asset trading and algorithmic strategy development alongside enterprise risk management, please visit RivalSystems.com


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