Object Trading Conforms to Upgraded Singapore Exchange Titan Platform for Direct Connection to Pan-Asian Liquidity

  • Trading Systems
  • 14.11.2016 11:15 am

Object Trading, a provider of multi-asset trading infrastructure, announced today that it fully conforms to Singapore Exchange’s (SGX) latest trading platform, Titan. Upgrading to NASDAQ’s Genium INET platform today enables SGX to offer enhancements and new features to participants including new connectivity protocols, extended trading hours, and enhanced risk controls; and delivers the ability to support increasing growth and interest in the Asian derivatives markets.  Object Trading will continue to handle market data, order execution and pre-trade risk constraints for its clients trading on SGX, via its own Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform. Object Trading enables market participants to maintain existing, or facilitate new, direct market access to the SGX without technology disruption.

SGX covers over 80% of Asia’s economies, including China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and the Philippines, and has launched an increasing number of derivatives products across both financials and commodities to serve the growing interest in the Asian markets and a general move from OTC to on-exchange trading. Object Trading’s award-winning Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform features a single gateway for normalised market data and order execution, and carries over $150 billion in notional value traded daily. With pre-trade risk constraints and real-time middle office integration, the platform is scalable for all types of electronic trading to over 60 markets worldwide, including via SGX. Object Trading’s clients save considerable resources in maintaining exchange connectivity and keeping dependent upstream front-end trading systems up-to-date.

Buy-side firms both in Singapore and internationally will continue to seek and find liquidity in SGX’s products, and will need to keep pace with ongoing growth and innovation at the exchange. Object Trading is also well placed to serve clients connecting to SGX from the United States, with an existing fully managed services presence in the CME Co-Location Facility in Aurora, Illinois, where the SGX Chicago Hub is also located. This hub provides market participants with access to the exchange’s trading and market data engines via carrier-resilient international connections to both the SGX primary and secondary data centres in Singapore. Because Object Trading supports SGX’s current derivatives trading system (Quest DT), and achieved certification for conformance of connectivity to the new Titan system in May 2016, customers already on the Object Trading DMA platform will not need to change the API they use to access SGX’s products on the upgraded Titan platform.  

Dan Hubscher, Object Trading’s Director of Strategy, said: “As innovation in the financial sector is endless, the exchanges’ technology landscape continues to evolve with necessary upgrades, migrations, and product launches. Maintaining seamless connectivity for our clients is vital.  We are delighted to have conformed to SGX’s Titan platform directly, making it easier for our clients to trade in and out of Singapore. By using our platform, clients don’t have to continually make independent investments in connectivity development and maintenance for every technology change at an exchange.”

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