Iress Transitioning Execution Management to Cloud

  • Trading Systems , Cloud
  • 11.08.2021 10:20 am

Iress today announced that it is transitioning its award-winning Execution Management System (EMS) to its cloud platform as part of its trading technology strategy for the UK. The last twelve months have seen exponential growth in usage of Iress’ EMS, in terms of both new clients and trading volume, and the transition to cloud enables Iress to deploy new services and seamlessly scale on demand. 

As a result, firms will be able to increase or decrease trading capacity as the market and their business dictates, and to implement new services and functionality with shorter  development cycles. It will also drive continued improvements to the efficiency and performance of Iress’ EMS along with maintaining the highest levels of security, stability and resilience.

The final quarter of 2020 saw a 60% increase in global equity trading volumes* compared with Q4 2019 and Iress has seen record trade volumes processed via the EMS since early 2020. This increase in flow highlights the fact that flexibility and agility is vital now and into the future. While this cloud architecture is not applied today to all trading environments, such as low-latency, it is a critical enabler for the future of the application of technology to order flow and connectedness. 

Iress’ Executive General Manager, Trading and Market Data UK, Eugene O’Herlihy, said “The investment Iress has made in its cloud foundations underpins Iress’ growth and acceleration plans in bringing trading products to the market. Iress’ cloud capability brings operating benefits, flexibility and scalability for our clients in an ever-changing market. Accessing new markets, increasing trading capacity and additional services will be greatly simplified and accelerated and will help to drive further growth and business innovation.”


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