Horizon Software Launches Composite Spreader

  • Trading Systems
  • 19.05.2021 12:40 pm

Horizon Software (Horizon), a provider of electronic trading solutions and algorithmic technology, today announces a new product, the Composite Spreader. This game-changing technology automates the execution of multi-leg spreads with a complete set of trading parameters and advanced safety features.

Horizon had noticed there is a high demand for spreading tools, but existing systems lacked the security and ease of use the market was after. As such, Horizon decided to leverage its expertise in high-frequency algorithmic trading to develop a purpose-built feature for its clients as part of its broader OMS roadmap.

The technology is now live and Horizon’s Composite Spreader includes a user-friendly interface to create multi-leg spreads. Clients can add instruments to the Composite Spreader anywhere across the interface and can easily define a target spread and ratios on all legs. The flexible solution can be integrated within Horizon’s also framework and helps clients to automates more of their workflow.

Jean Baptiste Sterlin, Product Owner and Growth at Horizon Software: “Today’s automated spread execution demands exceptional performance, which is why we have developed the Horizon Composite Spreader. This can respond to market movement as fast as possible, with more advanced safety features in case the liquidity cannot be sourced.”

He adds: “Clients can trade synthetic spreads with Horizon's Composite Spreader and take advantage of a proven algo technology to automate your execution with complete control of your risk, all of which can be up and running lighting fast.”

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