Horizon Extends “Buy and Build” Capability for Algo Trading

  • Trading Systems
  • 10.05.2017 10:15 am

 Award-winning Horizon Software announced today that it will give clients unparalleled control over their algo trading strategies, with the ability to modify the built-in templates in the Horizon Platform for Automated Trading. The three new templates which can be modified are Quote Reply Market Making, Hedge Volatility Order and Options Arbitrage.

Horizon already provides a wide selection of algo trading templates such as execution algos, but this is the first time that financial institutions will have the ability to use Horizon’s scripting framework to modify these new, advanced strategies. This means that not only will clients have control over the source code and the ability to customise these templates, or create their own trading strategies, but they will also own the intellectual property, without having to build algos from scratch.

Adrien Mastronardi, North Asia Sales Director at Horizon, commented: “Horizon is the only provider to give its clients such powerful tools. Financial institutions no longer have to decide whether to buy or build – they can have the best of both worlds. From a technology perspective, this is where financial institutions are going: buying core, standard, exchange-certified components from fintech providers for a fast time-to-market, with the flexibility to build their own algos, incorporating custom and proprietary business and technical logic. This approach fits perfectly with our ‘Trade Your Way’ concept, which is unique in enabling individual users to create their own version of algos to fit their individual trading styles. Our approach can also be described as an ‘algo glass box’, as it allows clients to see and modify the code inside the algo server.”

Horizon provides a complete solution for derivatives trading and algo design, from equities to fixed income, ETFs, currencies and commodities. Horizon’s Platform can be used to create strategies, scripting, views and charts; the source code is available to clients for customisation.

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