GAIN Capital Protects Revenue and Brand Values for Global Online Trading Platform with Catchpoint

  • Trading Systems
  • 24.10.2016 10:45 am

 Catchpoint Systems, a digital performance analytics company, today announced how global online trading provider GAIN Capital is using its solution to assure high quality customer experiences on its trading platform globally and especially in new growth markets in Asia.

GAIN Capital allows investors around the world to trade in different international markets. For a high value service, a superior end-user experience is critical, with any downtime or performance issues harming brand reputation irreparably. To assure this, GAIN Capital required an end-user experience monitoring (EUM) solution that provided real-time analytics from locations all over the globe with a reliable alerting system when they are down.

The company is partnering with Catchpoint to monitor its global online trading platform for speed and availability, to protect revenue streams and brand reputation and to test their third party APIs and streaming HTTP service. The partnership also ensures the performance of third party vendors such as domain name systems (DNS) and content delivery networks (CDN).

Through the deployment of the Catchpoint analytics system, GAIN has seen the following benefits:

·         The ability to streamline monitoring and operations initiatives into a cohesive initiative, through scheduled weekly drills to test monitors and customised alerts to ensure all systems are operating at optimum level

·         A reduction in the number of false positives in comparison with their own internal monitoring

·         Easy detection and diagnosis of DNS issues, allowing third parties to pinpoint quickly which server is causing problems and correct it seamlessly

·         Increased importance of end-user experience and monitoring as a decision-making tool throughout the institution due to the high visibility of the system throughout the organisation

Mukesh Kachroo, Chief Technology Officer, GAIN Capital commented: “We have leveraged Catchpoint’s global node system to pinpoint specific problems across out global infrastructure, giving us more control. Catchpoint has allowed us to prevent minor issues from becoming bigger problems by catching performance issues early on. We have found the in-depth analytical capabilities of the Catchpoint system particularly important for our Asia-based CDNs, which function as backbone infrastructure to create fast internet connections from Asia to London, rather than traditional content distribution.”

Medhi Daoudi CEO and co-founder of Catchpoint Systems comments: “GAIN Capital is an exciting global digital brand that needs to know exactly how its customers are experiencing the highest quality of service wherever they are accessing the trading platform on the planet. So, it’s great to see that we are providing the insights and analytics that are helping GAIN Capital make a difference and support its business growth.”

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