Fiserv DNA Selected by Three Credit Unions

  • Trading Systems , Trade Finance , Payments
  • 30.03.2016 02:15 pm

Fiserv announced that during a two-week period in the fourth quarter of 2015, three credit unions successfully implemented DNA®, a real-time, open architecture account processing platform, along with integrated surround solutions from Fiserv. The credit unions include: Neighbors Federal Credit Union ($724 million in assets), based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Texas Dow Employees Credit Union ($2.7 billion in assets), based in Lake Jackson, Texas; Thrivent Federal Credit Union ($467 million in assets), based in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Each of these credit unions is taking advantage of the flexible design of DNA to deliver services in a way that matches the needs of their membership.

Neighbors Federal Credit Union is leveraging the open architecture of DNA to integrate a full complement of digital solutions from Fiserv to drive growth, increase efficiency and better support digital services that are in high demand by its members. The credit union has deployed DNA with integrated functionality for online banking, mobile banking, person-to-person and electronic payments, as well as business intelligence, debit processing, and statement and card production services, among others. DNAcreator® will enable the credit union to develop and market custom DNAapps™.

“Moving to DNA will enable us to introduce new products and services quickly as part of an omnichannel experience, allowing our members to seamlessly engage with us at branches, on the phone, through a PC or laptop, and on mobile devices,” said Steve Webb, president and CEO, Neighbors Federal Credit Union.

Texas Dow Employees Credit Union implemented the DNA platform and an integrated suite of products and services to drive greater efficiency and more personalized member service. The suite from Fiserv includes DNAcreator and added functionality for accounting, enterprise content management, teller and wire processing, and interactive voice response services.

Thrivent Federal Credit Union has a large field of membership that is geographically diverse. The credit union implemented DNA to provide 24/7 access to lending and business banking services, while driving growth, increasing efficiency and cultivating member relationships. Thrivent is leveraging integrated solutions for accounting, business intelligence, CRM, electronic payments, enterprise content management and wire processing, among others.

“When we converted from a bank to a credit union three years ago, we knew that our core technology would need to be upgraded, and we were drawn to the ability of DNA to serve both banks and credit unions,” said Michael Dercks, SVP of Information Technology, Thrivent Federal Credit Union. “With DNA, we have the flexibility needed to support new and existing products and services to meet the needs of our members. Fiserv, through its expertise and innovative technology, is helping us better understand our members through the channels they use to engage us.”

“DNA helps credit unions modernize their operations while enhancing the speed and quality of member services,” said Mark Sievewright, president, Credit Union Solutions, Fiserv. “With an increased focus on delivering a consistent and relevant multi-channel experience, credit unions can rely on DNA and integrated best-in-class solutions from Fiserv to help them engage members with services that keep pace with their busy lives.”

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