EFG Hermes and Saxo Bank Team Up to Launch Multi-Asset Trading

  • Trading Systems
  • 16.11.2016 11:30 am

EFG Hermes, a leading financial services corporation in the Arab World, and Saxo Bank, the online multi-asset trading and investment specialist announced today the signing of a strategic partnership agreement, which will enable full integration of Saxo Bank’s SaxoTraderGO platform with EFG Hermes’ new online trading platform, EFG Hermes One. The new platform will grant clients one-click access to financial instruments in both multiple Middle East and North Africa (MENA) markets as well as global exchanges.

The partnership will leverage EFG Hermes’ services and further solidifies its regional leadership position empowering investors to trade multiple asset classes from a single client account. The platform will enable more investors to explore investment opportunities and access global capital markets. EFG Hermes One also incorporates real-time market intelligence from EFG Hermes Research’s global award-winning team and international insights from Saxo’s strategy team.

EFG Hermes One is the first service to emerge from a comprehensive regional securities brokerage partnership between Saxo Bank and EFG Hermes. The companies will continue to deliver innovative trading solutions and give more opportunities to MENA investors by making professional trading and investing more accessible through cutting-edge technology and industry-leading expertise.

“MENA is a market with many interesting trading opportunities and by integrating Saxo Bank’s multi-asset, award-winning platform with EFG Hermes’ regional offering and reach, we are levelling the playing field and enabling a wide range of investors and traders to access a broad range of investment opportunities by equipping them with the latest trading and analytical tools,” said Saxo Bank’s CEO and co-founder Kim Fournais. 

“We are delighted to partner with  EFG Hermes. Through this partnership, EFG Hermes’ clients will benefit from Saxo’s more than 20 years of trading technology innovation and EFG Hermes’ more than 30 years of experience in the MENA region.” 

“In launching EFG Hermes One in partnership with Saxo Bank, our clients will gain access to trade global markets on the industry’s most intuitive multi-asset trade platform,” noted EFG Hermes Group Chief Executive Officer Karim Awad. “Our aim is simple: To revolutionize the way our clients trade and take control of their financial futures through innovative product offerings. The launch is the first step in a partnership that will see us expand our brokerage product offering, including those developed in partnership with Saxo Bank, to compelling new markets as we continue our transformation into a financial services corporation with access to MENA and frontier markets.”

“EFG Hermes One reflects our commitment to innovating on the product front to meet the changing needs of our diverse client base. For more than three decades, EFG Hermes has led the integration of MENA and global markets, whether through our world-class advisory, our flagship investor conferences or our push into frontier markets,” said Ahmed Waly EFG Hermes Co-head of Securities Brokerage. “Our partnership with Saxo Bank is the natural next step in delivering this vision as we continue to create value for our clients and shareholders alike.”

The platform will also provide investors access to One Intelligence, a real-time service provided by EFG Hermes Research including a comprehensive suite of tools including video briefings, weekly checkpoints and real-time access to market data. The platform leverages insights of EFG Hermes Research’s global-award-winning team, who cover c. 60% of the MENA region’s aggregate market capitalization. Investors are also provided with access to Saxo Bank’s insights on international markets. 

“EFG Hermes One gives clients intelligence every trading day to shape their strategies as well as weekly checkpoints to help them prepare for the week ahead. Research and execution blend seamlessly in EFG Hermes One: Clients can monitor watch lists and trade directly from their research screens — and access intelligence from their trading screens.” concluded Ahmed Shams, EFG Hermes Head of Research.

EFG Hermes One will be available to investors across the region next month.  

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