Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Tradelines

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  • 22.12.2020 06:14 pm

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Adding tradelines to your credit is a simple but effective way to improve your creditworthiness and increase your loan eligibility. Unfortunately, some businesses play into the hands of dubious characters and end up wasting their money. Read on for some of the most common mistakes tradeline buyers make and how to avoid them.

1.Not buying the right tradelines

Basing your tradeline purchase decision on affordability and the fact of an offer looking appealing is a move many people come to regret. The dynamics of the tradeline market are the same as those of other more conventional industries. Each company tries to make its inventory look great, and finding a genuine seller is one of the most challenging parts. Before buying any tradelines, research the market to identify the best tradeline companies. Experience, online reviews, and track record can help you tell the good from the great.

2.Prioritizing quantity

The notion that quality has nothing on quantity when it comes to purchasing tradelines is misleading. Most companies advertise extensive inventories, and that has lulled innocent buyers into believing numbers rule the game. The best companies out there use their wide array of tradeline options to ensure customers are matched with what suits them best. There is nothing wrong with buying many tradelines, but you will reach a point where adding more won’t make any difference. They can actually prove counterproductive if a certain line is crossed.

3.Using tradelines for credit repair

The right tradelines can incredibly enhance your creditworthiness. However, they should never be used as a credit repair shortcut. Credit repair is harder than it looks, and using tradelines can cost you more than it will pay you back. A proper credit repair strategy factors in all the facts and circumstances of your current financial situation and makes use of expert guidance. All a tradeline does is boost you on a specific purpose; it won’t impact the negative marks on your current credit report.

4.Buying into unrealistic promises

A good tradeline company will assure you of realistic results, a permanent credit improvement, and reporting periods that are not so long that they elicit suspicion from investors, creditors, and authorities. A bad one will not home in on any of these aspects when reaching out to you and will probably claim to provide specific tradeline types, such as mortgage tradelines, business tradelines, auto tradelines, boat tradelines, etc.

5. Trading payments

If you want to improve your creditworthiness, all your business purchases need to be paid for using company money. Your business won’t benefit if you are making the payments with your personal finances. Worse yet, if your bills are being paid by someone else, your payment habits will reflect how good or bad they are at paying bills, meaning your company won’t get any credit.


There are plenty of ways you can add tradelines to your credit profile and build your future. The first step to building a proper strategy is to avoid making the above mistakes. Next, get in touch with an expert for advice on buying your first set of tradelines.

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