Clearpool Unveils Real-Time Trade Visualization Dashboards

  • Trading Systems
  • 29.03.2017 07:30 am

Clearpool, a provider of advanced electronic trading software and independent agency broker-dealer execution services, announced the launch of a series of dashboards available in its Algorithmic Management System (AMS) Client Portal. The client portal is accessible via a web login and is available as part of the AMS cloud-based software solution.

The new dashboards present real-time visualization of an order's performance. They help brokers conceptualize trading performance and empower them to deliver intra-day and post-day market color to their buy side clients.

"Access to detailed trading data, and the ability to leverage it to make strategic decisions and achieve better performance, is critical to adding color in electronic markets," says Joe Wald, CEO of Clearpool. "The AMS dashboards set a new standard in algorithmic trading when it comes to facilitating transparent, effective and collaborative communications between the buy side and sell side."

Interactive trading tools on the dashboards empower brokers to monitor flow, detect outliers and adjust strategy as necessary. With a few clicks, brokers have access to a complete overview of an account's order flow, individual symbol performance and routing and performance analytics.

"We are excited about this evolution of the AMS Client Portal and we've strived to make our dashboards valuable for various stakeholders, including traders, sales traders, heads of equities, and asset managers," says Ray Ross, CTO of Clearpool. "This is just the first release in a series of new products and services we plan to offer that will instill transparency and collaboration in algorithmic trading."

The AMS Client Portal is controlled by entitlement, and views can be customized based on stakeholder user permissions set by the portal administrator. In addition to viewing the dashboards, enabled client portal users can also customize strategies, set-up accounts and manage user permissions all via one convenient user interface.

Open and transparent communications have become more challenging with the electrification of markets. Clearpool is pioneering a movement to reestablish color in electronic markets.

"There are a number of algorithmic providers out there," adds Brian Schaeffer, President of Clearpool. "But none have gone through the effort to develop an enterprise solution for algorithmic trading with a foundation of control, transparency and collaboration built-in from the start."

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