CGTrader offers integration of its technology with e-commerce giant Shopify to create an innovative shopping experience

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  • 01.11.2018 06:27 am

CGTrader, one of the world's leading 3D model marketplaces, offers integration of its technology with the Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify. As part of the integration, CGTrader will help Shopify to create an all new shopping experience using 3D modeling and Augmented Reality (AR). The merchants on Shopify will be able to access CGTrader's services through the Shopify experts’ site

“This integration can help businesses turn their products into a 3D visual format using the latest 3D modeling and AR technologies,” says Dalia Lasaite, CEO and co-founder of CGTrader. She notes that 3D is the future for e-commerce and within a few years will replace a significant part of today’s 2D online shopping experience. 

CGTrader offers the kinds of services that are critical for e-commerce of the future. “Shopify has chosen us to provide the services needed to make this revolution happen as demand for 3D models in e-commerce sector is expanding rapidly,” says CGTrader’s Lasaite. 

Lasaite adds: "Companies like Shopify are 11 times more likely to sell an item or a product that has an Augmented Reality experience. This fact is very significant for the mobile e-commerce market, which according to is expected to generate some $3.56 billion in 2021, a year when it is expected to make up almost three quarters of e-commerce sales."

CGTrader is already one of the leading 3D model marketplaces globally with around 1,500,000 professional 3D designers and over 710,000 models for computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality and gaming. On CGTrader, 3D artists, design studios and businesses share and sell their models. 

Enterprise and business customers can choose from a wide collection of high-quality 3D models, which can be used in their projects to reduce development time and save on valuable resources. CGTrader is focusing its efforts on offering complete solutions for enterprises enabling them to manage their growing demand for 3D content. Businesses can also hire designers for their specific 3D projects from the company’s huge and unmatched list of professionals.  

With CGTrader's 3D models, Shopify's store owners do not need any technical knowledge of 3D design to get a high quality 3D model that is guaranteed to work in AR apps. As a result, it will be much easier for them to achieve guaranteed quality, a smooth service and technical compatibility.

CGTrader can help Shopify leverage high quality 3D modeling, according to Lasaite, who explains: "We have a strong and highly specialized 3D design community, and therefore our team can find the perfect designer for any product. All in all, AR greatly increases user engagement, brings your products to life, and lets customers really make sure they want a product before they purchase." 

CGTrader was founded in 2011 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and was the brainchild of the COO Marius Kalytis, who owned an architectural visualization studio in Lithuania and decided to turn his long-time hobby of making 3D models into a business. CGTrader CEO Dalia Lasaite, a serial entrepreneur, joined the company in 2013 as co-founder following the first funding round by Practica Capital. 

CGTrader is backed by investors such as Intel Capital, Practica Capital and Karma Ventures. The company won the Deloitte CEE Fast 50 Rising Star award 2018, the second time in a row and was nominated among the top scale-up companies in the Digital Top 50 Awards, organized by Google, McKinsey & Co. and Rocket Internet. CGTrader currently has around 50 employees who comprise an interdisciplinary team of multinational experts that includes several dozen software engineers and designers. 


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