ARQA Technologies held its 13-th annual seminar for clients and partners

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  • 06.03.2017 09:45 am

ARQA Technologies announced that the company held its 13-th annual seminar for clients and partners in February, Moscow. The seminar gathered 350 participants representing over a hundred companies – Russian and foreign clients and partners of ARQA Technologies. Among the partners participating in the seminar there were trading venues, market data and technology vendors, trading service providers and data centres.

Presentations of representatives of ARQA Technologies were devoted to new products and services of the company. The report delivered by Vladimir Kurlyandchik outlined new services available from the company’s data centres such as Eurobond trading and VaR-analysis. Danil Baburin highlighted various applications of QUIK OMS. Alexey Baburin dwelled on opportunities arising from recent implementation experience of a new QORT product – the middle office of asset manager capQORT.

Interesting and useful was the ‘exchange’ session that comprised reports from representatives of KASE, LSE, Moscow Exchange, Saint-Petersburg Exchange, St. Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange. Speakers mostly addressed new projects promoted by respective exchanges such as trading access for non-residents (KASE), Borsa Italiana, CurveGlobal, Turquoise Plato projects (LSE), cross-market projects and direct market access for new groups of clients (MOEX), ‘Voskhod’ project and access to liquidity on international exchanges (SPB), OTC trade registration and index development (SPIMEX). 

The attention of seminar participants was attracted to the panel discussion ‘Broker and its business in the fast changing world’ that featured exchange of opinions between representatives of the Bank of Russia, BCS, VTB24, Otkritie Broker, Raiffeisenbank and Finam. Among the debated topics were market entrance of less active investors, brokers morphing into technology companies, potential interest growth towards the services of asset managers, globalization and merging of brokers, ‘financial adviser’ service development.

The seminar hosted an exhibition where the company’s partners featured their products and services. 

Here you may be able to see some of the material delivered at the seminar (pdf presentations in Russian):

«Introductory speech» — Roman Anokhin (ARQA Technologies)

«The new in products and services of ARQA Technologies» — Vladimir Kurlyandchik (ARQA Technologies)

«QUIK OMS: one product — different goals» — Danil Baburin (ARQA Technologies) 

«capQORT: another level of automating operations of asset managers» — Alexey Baburin (ARQA Technologies)

«KASE review. Remote membership» — Idel Sabitov (Kazakhstan Stock Exchange)

«Organized trading in commodities» — Alexey Chechurin (Saint-Petersburg International Mercantile Exchange)

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