Amenda Markets Reveals Negative Spreads for Spot FX

  • Trading Systems
  • 27.10.2016 08:30 am

Amenda, the provider of Pure-DMA, which delivers aggregated liquidity feeds from multiple liquidity providers, has made it possible to trade on "Negative spreads," reversing the bid/ask prices by maintaining prices as-is. This has led Amenda to achieve some of the tightest spreads for spot FX available around the world according to internal market research.

“As part of our mission, we substantially minimized trading costs for our clients who look for an optimal trading environment rather than bonuses and high leverage,” said Alise Eljasane, CEO at Amenda Markets. “That is why we focus much of our attention on providing the world's tightest spreads in addition to low trading fees and deep liquidity.”

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