China Systems Unveils New Trade Digitalisation Services (TDS)

  • Trade Finance
  • 22.05.2020 11:17 am

In response to current market needs and the rapidly evolving global trade landscape, China Systems, world-leading trade solutions vendor, has created a specialised Trade Digitalisation Services (TDS) Unit, which is composed of experts who have deep technical, project and business domain knowledge on International Trade operations.

The team have previously been involved in a number of integration projects that were all delivered in record time with high quality, including integration with solutions such as Trade DLT platform Contour, Traydstream’s OCR/AI Document Checking platform and just recently with Enigio’s trace:original Digital Document technology.

The TDS Unit's expertise lies in:

* understanding the Trade and SCF ecosystem, especially in the area of its documentary/digital data flows, risk management, financing and settlement techniques;

* designing and implementing business applications, related data structures, information flows and integration requirements;

* automating corporate and bank processing flows;

* designing and re-engineering business processes;

* optimising business and technical architecture;

* implementing digital operating models, through the use of modern technologies, with a strong focus on creating a superior user experience and customer service model;

* creative and innovative thinking, based on solid understanding of both the international trade business context, its operational challenges and enabling technology infrastructure; and

* understanding the impact of introducing new technology and defining an approach to achieve digital transformation, with a business process optimisation mindset.

Using its vast experience in implementing Trade solutions, the TDS team does not restrict its services to China Systems' suite of products only. The objective is to provide high quality services and/or solutions not only to financial institutions but also to consulting firms, strategy advisors and technology companies active in the domain of International Trade.

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