Open Finance Partnership Platform mmob Appoints Irfan Khan CEO

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  • 24.05.2021 09:04 am

Open finance partnership platform, mmob, has today announced the appointment of award-winning entrepreneur and sought-after expert in open banking and finance, Irfan Khan as CEO. 

With mmob, Khan is on a mission to democratise access to new, innovative services that improve and enhance consumers’ financial security and wellbeing. The infrastructure delivers rapid routes to market and unique growth opportunities to new, innovative third-party providers, and gives consumers greater access to and control of their data, so they can make more informed financial decisions and save money. 

Utilising open finance, the new venture enables digital brands to launch complementary services and establish new revenue streams at pace, boosting user growth on both sides of the partnership.

Khan was recognised as a ‘business big shot’ by the Times in 2017 and more recently named as one of the FT’s 100 most influential BAME leaders in UK Tech. As a high-profile consultant for institutional banks including HSBC, Barclays and RBS, he led several groundbreaking technology transformation projects.  Building on this expertise and experience, he founded Yielders, a successful FCA-authorised real estate crowdfunding platform.

Now is the time for partnerships to thrive,” said Irfan Khan, CEO, mmob.As digital financial services have matured, consumers are actively looking to engage with services that enhance their lifestyle. Our open finance infrastructure and platform connects digital service providers together to create value-driven e2e ecosystems that enable both consumer and company to flourish.”

By connecting a global network of digital service providers and fintech with innovative new products and the consumer, mmob’s platform has been engineered to deliver exceptional value to everyone in the ecosystem,” said Khan.

About mmob

mmob ( is on a mission to connect a global network of digital finance brands by utilising the latest technologies to forge powerful partnerships, leading to outstanding outcomes for their business and the consumer. This is achieved by leveraging shared user data from across the network, empowering customers to make more informed decisions that enrich their lives.

By connecting its commercial partners with third-party product providers and the consumer, mmob’s intelligent partnership infrastructure and platform is focussed on value delivery at its core, for the benefit of third-parties, consumers and end clients.

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