Worldpay To Launch Dynamic 3D Secure

  • Security
  • 23.06.2015 01:00 am

Worldpay, the global online payments specialist, has announced that its Dynamic 3D Secure (3DS) solution will soon be available to merchants.

The solution offers ecommerce businesses greater transaction acceptance success whilst giving them more flexibility and control over fraud prevention.

Dynamic 3DS allows merchants to turn their fraud-screening ‘on’ or ‘off’ based on a range of self-selected rule parameters including: the country the card was issued in; the amount being paid; the currency in which the purchase is being made; and the bank identification numbers provided by the consumer. A new override feature also allows low-risk transactions to skip the process altogether. The new features enable merchants to offer a flawless shopping experience across geographies and to boost their authorisation success while maintaining effective protection from fraud transactions.

Kevin Dallas, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Worldpay explains: “As more and more consumers demand a quicker check out process, Dynamic 3DS is one more way for businesses to improve their overall shopping experience whilst giving themselves sufficient protection against fraudulent purchases. While being a highly effective anti-fraud tool, 3DS can sometimes reduce conversion rates as consumers forget their password or find it hard to use. This new customised approach to security offered by Dynamic 3DS means that lower-risk consumers can pay much more easily, and businesses can enjoy increased conversion levels by making the payment journey clear and straightforward.” 

Dynamic 3DS is the first of several innovative product enhancements to be released by Worldpay this year. “At Worldpay we’re committed to investing in continually improving our services to increase profits for customers and ensure they are provided with a service which seamlessly fits with their existing systems,” added Dallas. “Offering Dynamic 3DS exemplifies that commitment, and we’ll be launching a number of other products through our Gateway Services later this year.”

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