Utimaco Announces u.trust Anchor, Its Next Generation High Performance HSM Platform

  • Security
  • 09.02.2021 03:15 pm

Utimaco, a leading global provider of IT security solutions, introduces its next generation HSM platform u.trust Anchor, a robust and converged hardware security module (HSM) platform for both payment and general purpose use cases that enables Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises to offer HSM as a Service (HSMaaS). It is simple to manage and provides end customers full control with best-in-class performance, unlimited key storage and auditability over their cryptographic keys, which are the Root-of-Trust in data protection and IT security.

With u.trust Anchor’s unique architecture of containerized HSMs, customers can simultaneously run multiple and concurrent types of firmware stacks that solve specific use cases, e.g. for FIPS-compliance, payment, post-quantum crypto, custom firmware, block-chain on a single converged crypto platform, managed through one pane of glass for their crypto infrastructure. This reduces complexity in HSM installations, solves the challenges of cloudifying HSMs and gives customers like Cloud Service Providers and Enterprises scalability and elasticity to add both payment and general purpose HSM applications/services (FIPS and Non-FIPS) which usually require different hardware.

u.trust Anchor builds on Utimaco’s market proven HSM portfolio and is thus fully backwards-compatible.

u.trust Anchor features include:

  • Best in Class Performance with up to 40,000 tps
  • True multi-tenancy with up to 32 truly independent and fully isolated containerized HSMs with QoS
  • Convergence of General Purpose and Payment HSMs
  • Deployment of different firmware stacks per container
  • Policy and Configuration at the container level for granular control
  • Simplified provisioning and control
  • Unlimited key-storage utilizing existing database infrastructures
  • Hybrid deployments between Utimaco on-premise and u.trust Anchor offered by any service provider
  • Centralized, remote HSM management and monitoring
  • 100% compatible with existing deployments as well as Utimaco’s APIs

“u.trust Anchor is a strategic development, which underlines Utimaco’s strategy to help our customers to stay ahead of future challenges, while accelerating their digital transformation. u.trust Anchor is a converged crypto platform combining general purpose and payment use cases and offering the much needed functionality to create a best of breed HSM portfolio that allows our customers to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands. u.trust Anchor reduces complexity as well as operational costs for our customer,” states Mario Galatovic; VP Products & Alliances.

u.trust Anchor is now available for selected customer project installations and will be generally available as of Q2 2021.

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