A Story of Call Monitoring and Compliance Efficiency for Zoom Content

  • Security , Compliance
  • 06.08.2021 08:35 am

By Devin Redmond, CEO and Co-Founder of Theta Lake

Whether an organization is attempting to meet with compliance regulations or assessing its customer service agents to ensure quality of service, call recording practices are often leveraged to review and evaluate digital conversations. Regulated industries face the challenge of reviewing countless hours of audio and video conference recordings to identify areas of potential risk to the business. This is especially true in the financial services space, as audio recordings are crucial to ensuring compliance and safeguarding integrity. However, as more interactions take place virtually, the expanding amounts of content are becoming harder and harder to manage.

Tupicoffs, a leading independent financial planning practice based out of Australia utilized the power of call recordings to conduct business, and as a result, accumulated large volumes of Zoom video and phone recordings that required supervised review. With over a decade’s worth of audio and video conference recordings, attempting to sort through the data was massively cost prohibitive, rendering the carefully culled information useless and putting the firm at a disadvantage.

Eager to forgo the cumbersome review process, gain better visibility of recordings, and streamline its entire call recording review process, Tupicoffs turned to Theta Lake for a holistic solution that would solve its supervision problems. More often than not, legacy tools make audio review difficult, inaccurate, and resource intensive as they are not built to handle media-rich communications, but Theta Lake removes these challenges and streamlines the process. Tupicoffs was able to use a purpose-built compliance offering that made the call recording review easier, faster, and more accurate. Additionally, the company was able to satisfy its record keeping and archive objectives because of Theta Lake’s deep integration with the entire Zoom platform.

Tupicoffs implemented Theta Lake because of its end-to-end capabilities for ingestion, analysis, review, and archiving. By partnering with a trusted compliance and supervision vendor, it can detect regulatory, privacy, conduct, and security risks across all digital content. Moreover, organizations like Tupicoffs can scale their supervision with automation to save time and resources. Tupicoffs was able to streamline its recording supervision workspace and process, saving the cost of three full-time employees, and demonstrating a proactive compliance practice to align with the company’s high standard of operation.

Financial services institutions leverage recordings as an essential best practice for compliance. Choosing turnkey solutions that leverage a highly efficient process to manage the workflow from recording through to supervision is vital. This demonstrates compliance and, fundamentally, improves ROI. Tupicoffs, with the help of Theta Lake, automatically analyzed for risky behavior and potential compliance violations.

It is imperative for organizations looking for efficiency in their call or video recording practices to implement intuitive solutions that streamlines the recording supervision process. As Tupicoffs’ business grew and it continued to accumulate high volumes of Zoom video and phone recordings, the company needed to pursue an approach that would provide a smarter and better way to manage the recording supervision review. As a financial services company, Tupicoffs relied on audio and video conference recordings and needed to a partner that allowed them to gain visibility and make the call recording review easier, faster, and more accurate. Theta Lake did this and provided a truly modern and next generation technology solution to solve a complex communications data problem.

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