Stedin joins the European Network for Cyber Security as a Member to improve security in its Smart Meter, Smart Grid and Clean Energy networks

  • Security
  • 07.07.2015 01:00 am

Stedin, one of the largest independent energy system operators in the Netherlands, today announced that it is joining the European Network for Cyber Security (ENCS) as a Member. The company will be joining a network that is committed to improving the security of the Smart Grid across Europe, including companies such as Alliander, E.ON, EVN, Enexis and KPN.

By joining ENCS, both organizations agree to share knowledge and expertise in the domain of cyber security for Smart Meter systems and critical infrastructures in Europe. The collaboration focusses on research, testing, knowledge sharing and training activities for the development of Smart Metering infrastructure and the Smart Grid.

“The security related threat is a global one. It is therefore self-evident that operators of vital critical infrastructure need to cooperate to be able to address this threat. The ENCS initiative and its current Members are an excellent example of how, by joining forces, we can lower the cost of innovation by working together,” mentioned Mark van den Brink, CIO, Stedin.

Membership in ENCS is reserved for European Critical Infrastructure owners, either Distribution System Operator’s (DSO) or Transmission System Operator’s (TSO).

“We are very happy to welcome Stedin as a Member of the ENCS community. Together with our other Members we are working together to raise the bar higher on cyber security for Smart Grid and Smart Meter deployments across Europe. The mission of ENCS is to enable critical infrastructure stake owners and security experts to better work together securing European critical energy grids and meet the evolving challenges that we all face today, as well as plan for and design security into with the ever adapting technology needs of tomorrow.”, stated Anjos Nijk, Managing Director, at ENCS.

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