Signicat granted EU Quality Trust Mark for security and quality of services

  • Security
  • 12.11.2018 09:32 am

 Signicat, a leader in verified digital identity and electronic signature solutions, has been granted the status of Qualified Trust Service Provider (QTSP) by the Norwegian communications authority, NKOM. With this status, Signicat becomes one of the few companies that can use the EU Trustmark, and is now part of the EU Trustlist.

QTSP status is defined by internal procedures meeting the strict standards defined by eIDAS regulation and is audited by an external body, in this case the British Standards Institute (BSI). Having satisfied the external auditors and also met the approval of NKOM, Signicat can now use the EU Trustmark to indicate that it meets the standards demanded by the EU, and delivers the highest levels of security and quality of service.

Signicat QTSP status is specifically due to being Qualified Time Stamp Authority, enabling digital documents to be certified as existing at a certain point of time, without the possibility of backdating. This means that the authenticity of digital documents certified by Signicat can be trusted for even the most sensitive of uses. Time stamping is an essential part of document preservation, ensuring that documents can be validated and known to have existed at a particular time—not just now, but far into the future.

“We’re delighted to have our hard work and expertise recognised by both the auditors and the communications authority,” said John Erik Setsaas, VP of Identity and Innovation, Signicat. “The EU Trustmark lets our customers know at a glance that we meet the very high standards laid down by the EU, and that we can help to build mutual digital trust with the consumers they serve.”

Signicat’s status as a QTSP follows its announcement last month that it has joined the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), the recognised standards body for electronic communications.

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