Redborder to Expand Across Europe With the EIT Digital Accelerator

  • Security
  • 31.03.2017 01:00 pm

Redborder, the cybersecurity and Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) platform, already successful in Spain, is joining EIT Digital's Accelerator to expand its innovative business into other EU markets. Redborder is an Open Source, Big Data cybersecurity, and traffic analysis solution accompanied by a set of active probes managed in an integrated manner. This platform unifies the different data sources provided by redborder Apps and Probes, combining Network Traffic Analysis and cybersecurity, enabling easy creation of customizable dashboards and reports to analyze network usage and manage security policies. Also, it provides real-time analytics and cybersecurity operations for ICT service providers and large companies throughout all industries, all in a single platform.

Deployed on premise or used as a cloud service, redborder's solution offers a series of advantages compared with other products in the market such as its Open Source API for Community Building nature or the fact that it has a fully scalable Big Data distributed processing solution on cybersecurity. It improves device data losses efficiency and streamline operations on operational efficiency in multivendor network monitoring.

Redborder's innovation strategy is orientated to the continuous improvement of the product features based on the market requirement so it may adapt to the new needs and trends such as IoT or connected cars. The company's clients include: Banco Santander, Nextell, Teldat, and Mobile World Congress and their target markets are the United States and most of European countries; EIT Digital Accelerator will provide redborder the support of it's pan-European business community and ecosystem to reach these markets.

EIT Digital Madrid Node Director, Manuel Hermenegildo, asserted, "We are very proud to have redborder on-board; they are already one of the leading companies in the Spanish NTA market and we will help them reach the top clients Europe-wide. We are also happy to continue expanding EIT Digital into the technological Basque and Andalusian network."

Redborder's CEO, Jesús de la Maza, said, "I think that our collaboration with EIT Digital will help the acceleration of our business growth in international markets, which are demanding validated products on strategic sectors in the area of cybersecurity and Big Data analytics. We also expect to multiply our capacity to access those markets and the volume of value opportunities for which redborder represents an integrated and scalable solution."

Redborder will integrate EIT Digital's Digital Infrastructure Action Line which is the core enabler of the digital transformation by providing secure, robust, responsive and intelligent communications and computation facilities.

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