PICA Corporation and Burrill Green Form New Global Partnership

  • Security
  • 02.11.2016 07:45 am

PICA Corporation and Burrill Green announced today they have formed a new global partnership, consolidating their mutual expertise and capabilities in corporate security, intelligence and business resilience to create a consultancy unrivalled in the industry. These joint capabilities are currently being utilized by their multi-national clients for a variety of requirements including counter-terrorism intelligence, forensic cyber investigations, travel security, and international trade relationships. 

The partnership blends Burrill Green's Board and C-Suite-level security consulting and much-heralded security personnel search, selection, recruitment, and training practices, with PICA's robust team of in-theater security personnel and resources in over 300 cities around the world. Collectively the firms can now offer their clients completely integrated security solutions from design through execution.

This is a significant coming together of two world-class organizations with over 50 years of combined experience in the security industry. The new global partnership will enable the firms to extend their range of services from the bottom to the top of organizations, and across a wider range of operating cultures and geographies.

Vincent Volpi, PICA's founding partner, said, "We regard this new strengthened partnership as one of the most promising rallying of talents in recent times. It significantly enhances our ability to add value to security's contribution to business productivity, profitability and customer respect."

David Burrill, founding partner of Burrill Green, said, "Having worked with PICA over the last decade, it has become clearer that both organizations will benefit from a deeper level of interaction and involvement, and that, even more importantly, our clients and prospects will see a positive extension and set of benefits to the services we provide and can now refine further."

The partnership's coverage is now more globally balanced and there are no redundancies in the matching of skills and people. The availability to the whole synergized organization of the search and selection and continuing professional development operations will also reinforce the firms' ability to deliver justifiable security practices that will underpin organizations' ability to counter threats and deliver additional performance in operations, where people can flourish, nurture professional respect, and benefit from the secure conditions in which they operate. The new partnership is committed to demonstrating and delivering its hallmark - "Value from Security" - to its clients every day.

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