NIKSUN Announces Industry’s Top Comprehensive Solution

  • Security
  • 14.03.2017 11:30 am

NIKSUN Inc. is the global leader in developing real-time and forensics-based cyber security and network performance monitoring solutions. It announced today it has been featured as the cover story for Silicon India’s special Enterprise Security edition. In it, Silicon India, a leading proponent of global technology news since 1997, has named NIKSUN’s technology the “industry’s most comprehensive solution for securing and maintaining dynamic network infrastructure.”

The article discusses NIKSUN’s revolutionary product suite as a full end-to-end enterprise security solution that simultaneously captures, records, stores, analyzes and alerts on all data traversing the network in a single appliance. It also calls NIKSUN’s solution “highly scalable and flexible,” touting its ability to do all of this, with zero loss, at “unprecedented rates” over 100 Gbps.

As quoted in the article, “Rather than simply capturing threats and slowdowns that we know, NIKSUN’s solution lets you see everything that occurs on your network, presenting problems immediately and intelligently.”

The article depicts several of NIKSUN’s recent advances, including NIKSUN’s Supreme Eagle and the recently released NikOS Everest. NIKSUN’s Supreme Eagle is now deployed in the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and Department of Defense (DoD)’s Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) initiative. According to Silicon India, “Supreme Eagle exhibits an outstanding performance by capturing all packets at more than 100 Gbps, with zero-loss, successfully keeping up with the full flow of data through JRSS gateways.”

The article also hails NIKSUN’s NikOS Everest as a “revolutionary intelligent data analytics platform,” calling it “a much simpler and smarter way to mine data.” NIKSUN’s NikOS Everest technology provides actionable and automated intelligence so that network security professionals do not have to sift through or drill down into mounds of data; rather, NikOS serves up the information automatically, dramatically reducing MTTR (mean-time-to-resolution). Silicon India reports that this “makes finding reports, filtering data, visualizing, exporting, and running analytics an effortless process, eliminating the need for ad-hoc special studies to obtain the required data.” Simply put, “NikOS Everest takes the guesswork out of discovering network performance problems or security breaches and threats, all within a single integrated platform, and without any compromise.”


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