HID Global Shares Identity Technology Trends Anchoring Today’s Connected Health Transformation

HID Global Shares Identity Technology Trends Anchoring Today’s Connected Health Transformation
27.03.2017 10:30 am

HID Global Shares Identity Technology Trends Anchoring Today’s Connected Health Transformation

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 A shift in how trusted identities are used across the healthcare continuum is fuelling the demand for advanced smart card technologies and mobile solutions, as healthcare institutions become more connected. The new focus on ID technology is changing how institutions operate, how they manage access to patients, data and equipment, how they protect patient privacy, and how they improve billing accuracy – all without compromising the quality of care. This is according to HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions.

“Healthcare organisations are increasingly seeking to improve the physician, staff and patient experience by employing a combination of strong authentication and new Internet of Things (IoT) applications to address their challenges,” said Sheila Loy, Director, Healthcare Industry with HID Global. “Trusted identities will simplify and connect all aspects of healthcare operations, from opening hospital doors, accessing healthcare records and e-prescribing of controlled substances, to how healthcare professionals interact with patients and log their activities.”

The healthcare industry is embracing new ways to establish, create, manage and use trusted identities, which is redefining the meaning of trust as healthcare organisations embrace the IoT in smarter environments. This will drive a number of key technology trends:

Integrated, compliant systems that are convenient and connected

Multi-factor authentication will incorporate One Time Password (OTP) tokens, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and biometrics. The solutions will be used to protect patient records and data; secure access to facilities; authenticate remotely to VPNs using mobile devices; and enable new IoT use cases. Unified platforms will also add intelligent visitor management systems and automate other manual workflows to provide an access management solution that integrates with access control, IT security and other applications.

Connected environments drive the need to ensure the Internet of Trusted Things (IoTT)

Continued adoption of electronic visit verification (EVV) will help streamline in-home patient visits and eliminate billing fraud using “proof of presence” applications that make it easier to document the time, location and accurate delivery of prescribed care. Healthcare institutions will embrace trusted IDs, predictive analytics and new IoT solutions that use real-time location-based services to effectively connect, monitor and manage patients, mobile clinicians and staff. These solutions will also help quickly locate critical medical equipment, beds, crash trolleys and other medical devices by providing the missing link between physical assets and a trusted ID ecosystem.

Growing role for biometrics in patient and provider authentication

Biometrics will be used to ensure the right patient is receiving the prescribed care, and that providers are authorised to manage confidential patient medical records. Biometric solutions will also be used for e-prescribing to authenticate the issuer, pharmacy staff and/or the patient, with fingerprint biometrics continuing to be one of the most widely used due to its ease of use. Biometrics sensors and modules will continue to deliver improved capabilities for the healthcare environment, including faster finger image capture for a better user experience, and certifications to key industry standards for accuracy and image transfer performance.

HID Global anticipates that the healthcare industry will be impacted by these trends in 2017 and beyond as the shift in the use of identity technology continues to influence product development and the user experience in the coming years.

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