Gemalto Supplies Swedish Tax Agency

  • Security
  • 31.01.2017 07:30 am

 Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, has been awarded a multi-year contract to supply its eGov authentication platform for online services, Premium Polycarbonate eID cards and a comprehensive Enrollment and Issuance solution to Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Agency1. This ID card provides official proof of identity and access to a range of government services and can be issued to all residents, regardless if they have Swedish citizenship or not. In the future, the development of a secure digital identity will enable users to also access online services of Skatteverket and other Swedish authorities2, with eGov enabling strong authentication. 

Gemalto is due to begin supplying and personalizing the ID cards in early 2017 for a period of at least five years. The demand for these cards has been steadily increasing since they were first introduced in 2009. Applicants will be able to provide their signature and be photographed at one of 27 nationwide offices where Gemalto will deploy more than 80 enrollment kiosks as well as desktop stations. This information will be sent directly and securely to Gemalto for card issuance. The personalized cards will be distributed via a network of 38 offices. Gemalto is also supplying smart card readers, to support end users accessing government and financial institutions' services online. 

"By using our cloud-based eGov platform to securely authenticate citizens online, the interaction with authorities will be simplified," said Tommi Nordberg, Senior Vice President of Government Programs at Gemalto. "As a result we can offer extended support to Skatteverket's digital identi​ty scheme and end users, and encourage greater use of the eID cards online." 

The Swedish Tax Agency (Swedish: Skatteverket​) is a government agency in Sweden responsible for national tax collection and administering the population registration. 

2 The online services will in the near future enable end users to access all information held about themselves, or their private company, in the tax records. The electronic ID gives access to other authorities as well, such as the social insurance system and the eHealth Agency, where citizens can access their electronic medical prescriptions.

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