Fime Card & Mobile Pay Tool Achieves 12 GlobalPlatform Qualifications

  • Security
  • 20.05.2021 12:05 pm

Fime’s Global+ test tool has been awarded twelve new qualifications by GlobalPlatform, the standard for secure digital services and devices. Powered by the Fime Test Factory platform, Global+ is the world’s first fully cloud-based card and mobile payment application test tool. It is helping developers to design and deliver high-quality software and speed up certification processes. This results in the delivery of innovative and interoperable experiences to customers quickly, easily and safely.

“These qualifications from a renowned certification body validate our vision,” comments Raphaël Guilley, VP Testing Solutions at Fime. We have achieved automation, digitalization and customization of testing that saves time and money, and drives collaboration, without compromising on risk. Payment and certification schemes are working to qualify the platform to ease the burden of testing and certification on their communities.”

As with all products launched on the Fime Test Factory platform, Global+ is accessed through a secure cloud portal from anywhere in the world. With multiple users able to participate in projects, the platform facilitates enhanced collaboration between teams located across different regions. Remote support from Fime experts can also be called upon from anywhere in the world, any time. Additionally, users can customize the end-to-end testing process to their specific product and certification needs.

GlobalPlatform's Executive Director, Kevin Gillick, added: “Secure elements and their applications are the foundation of the payments and telecoms ecosystems. Testing and certification are fundamental to the successful roll out of interoperable technologies that support secure, innovative and rich user experiences. Fime’s tool has demonstrated its ability to perform state-of-the-art testing to support the adoption of innovative standardized technologies.

Fime is working with payment and certification schemes globally to confirm additional Global+ qualifications. Contact Fime to learn more about the world’s first fully cloud-based card and mobile payment application test tool for payment and certification schemes.

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