Cyberbit to Introduce Ransomware Training and Simulation Platform at Infosecurity Europe

  • Security
  • 29.05.2017 01:30 pm

Cyberbit, whose cybersecurity solutions protect the world's most sensitive systems, today announced that it will demonstrate its Cyberbit Range platform at the Infosecurity Europe conference, 06-08 June, in Olympia, London. Cyberbit will showcase a ransomware attack simulation, which is one of the cybersecurity training scenarios available for the Cyberbit Range, to demonstrate how simulation significantly improves cybersecurity teams' ability to respond to a ransomware attack on their organization.

"Organizations now understand that people, not necessarily products and technologies, are their bottleneck in responding to cyberattacks, with the recent WannaCry outbreak being an example," said Cyberbit CEO, Adi Dar. "Many cybersecurity teams and company executives have never experienced a ransomware attack and were caught off-guard during the recent attack. With better trained teams, many of these organizations could have reduced or eliminated the impact of this attack," added Dar.

Ransomware attacks, most recently the WannaCry outbreak, are a key concern for security leaders. With the growing shortage in cybersecurity talent, organizations seek ways to improve their teams' ability to respond effectively to all types of cyberattacks, including ransomware. Cyberbit's parent company, Elbit Systems, (NASDAQ:  ESLT and TASE: ESLT) is a leading provider of fighter pilot simulation systems. Cyberbit Range is a simulator for cybersecurity teams, training them in a realistic environment to quickly improve their skills.

Trainees in the Cyberbit Range practice in settings that replicate their organization's network, security products and traffic, while threats are automatically generated according to predefined scenarios. The Range provides trainees with tracking, feedback, ranking and debriefing, so the team can experience the attack as it will occur in real life, understand what they need to do better next time, and respond faster and more effectively when confronted with a real attack.

The Cyberbit Range is the most widely deployed cybersecurity training and simulation platform. It is used by enterprises, MSSPs, consultancies, academic institutions, governments and military organizations. Besides ransomware, the Range provides a rich set of scenarios that include advanced malware attacks, DDoS, virtual and physical ICS/SCADA attacks and cross-functional executive training.  

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