AvaTrade Launches New Trading Guide to Help Promote Safer Practice

  • Security , Risk Management
  • 02.03.2021 01:49 pm

 AvaTrade has today announced the launch of its new trading guide, “Understanding Financial Markets”, in a bid to increase informed practice among its clients as demand for retail trading continues to rise.

Dáire Ferguson, CEO at AvaTrade, comments: “At AvaTrade, we’ve made a point of aligning our business model with the best interests of our customers. When our clients win, they trade more and so we win too. With this in mind, security and risk management are central to our offering and ensuring our clients have a sufficient understanding of the industry is critical to achieving this. For new traders in particular, education is key – this guide serves as a blueprint to navigating the industry and avoiding the common mistakes that uninformed traders often fall foul of.

AvaTrade is now regulated in seven jurisdictions and the business places heavy focus on optimising the trading experience for its international client base. This guide is the latest in its extensive mix of educational materials – which currently range from “how-to” explanations to podcasts and webinars – and the increasing range of innovative tools available on its trading platform. These include risk management instrument AvaProtect, which enables users to purchase full protection against any losses incurred on a given asset for a predetermined timeframe, and recently-launched copy trading solution AvaSocial, which allows users to connect with other traders and learn from experts before making trading decisions.

AvaTrade’s first ever in-depth trading guide gives both new and repeat users an overview of the markets they can trade in, the various tools at their disposal and, importantly, how they can use these to make informed decisions. This includes insight into the different types of analysis that can be used to evaluate assets and the tools and techniques that can be employed to mitigate the risks associated with a trade.

Ferguson continues: “We succeed when our clients continue trading with us and this directly corresponds with the outcome of the decisions they make when trading. Supporting successful traders is at the core of what we do. We hope this guide will add an extra dimension to our existing offering by providing an easy-to-use, detailed piece of collateral that our users can refer to quickly and easily throughout their trading journeys.

AvaTrade’s new trading guide can be downloaded here: https://origin.avatrades.net/whitepaper-design.pdf

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