Atar Labs Will Present its Next-generation SOAR Platform at the 38th GITEX

  • Security
  • 05.10.2018 07:52 am

Atar Labs will introduce its next-generation SOAR platform ATAR with its regional distributor StarLink in SR-J2 booth to more than four thousand participants from 120 countries during the 38th GITEX Technology Week at Dubai World Trade Center on 14-18 October.

Atar Labs CEO Burak Dayioglu said, "ATAR is built out of necessity. Investing more in security technologies and trying to hire more people does not get us more secure. We need to leverage our existing tools and staff better and this is why we are building ATAR. The market feedback we are receiving and the blue chip customers we are working with demonstrates that Atar Labs is on the right path. Our target as Atar Labs is to be the market leader in the region. We are excited to be presenting the ATAR with sector leaders of MENA and South East Asia at GITEX Technology Week."

Security automation and unified investigations interface bring in agility to cyber defense  

ATAR integrates with 100+ different technologies and the ATAR robot can be programmed in the field to handle repetitive activities, sparing a lot of time and resources. ATAR's unique simple and secure investigation interface allows analysts to investigate and respond to cyber alerts without switching screens or logging in and out of different applications while allowing collaboration between team members. ATAR's security model allows safe delegation of sensitive security work to less experienced resources. With ATAR, multiple organizations observed analyst productivity increases in the order of 15-20 times.


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