Kyriba Expands Risk Portfolio, Launches Commodities Risk

  • Risk Management
  • 06.10.2022 02:20 pm

Kyriba, a global leader in cloud-based finance and IT solutions, has announced the launch of Commodities Risk, which is an expansion of the Company’s portfolio of risk applications. The new solution helps Treasury and Risk Managers mitigate commodities risk and better manage market fluctuations with integrated data, analytics and connectivity into Kyriba Treasury and Risk Management. The solution gives companies the ability to reduce price risk and protect their bottom line from the impacts of market volatility.

“Kyriba launched Commodities Risk to support hedging programs, simplify buying and price setting processes and to deliver a more complete liquidity picture,” said Bob Stark, Global Head of Market Strategy at Kyriba. “It is important for our clients to have Commodities, FX, Payments and Treasury functionality in a single platform.”

Key Benefits of Kyriba Commodities Risk

  • Commodity Tracking Features: exposure management, trade capture and flexible forward-curve modelling.
  • Financial and Hedge Accounting: valuations and hedge accounting entries are automated and integrated with all general ledgers.
  • A Single Risk Management Platform: Commodities, FX and Interest Rate Risk are fully integrated with liquidity planning, automated settlements and bank reconciliations.

Commodities Risk adds to Kyriba’s platform to further support corporate Treasurers and Risk Managers to mitigate the impact of rising commodity prices and offer greater defence against pricing headwinds. The Company recently launched Portfolio VaR Analysis to tackle currency risk.

For more information on Commodities Risk, read our fact sheet.

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