EQ Reveals Risk-Rated Income Portfolio Range

  • Risk Management
  • 29.11.2016 01:15 pm

 EQ Investors (EQ) the boutique wealth manager led by John Spiers, is launching a new suite of income portfolios for investors requiring a regular income and above-inflation returns. The portfolios will be managed by Damien Lardoux, who currently manages the firm’s positive impact portfolio mandate.

Aiming for a yield of around 4% with a minimum target of 3%, the portfolios will invest across all asset classes (equity, bonds, commercial property and alternatives) on a global basis. 

The new range offers four risk-rated model portfolios designed to achieve investment goals within a level of risk that is right for each investor. The portfolios are Cautious, Cautious+, Balanced and Balanced+. Portfolios are usually rebalanced four times per annum but this can be more frequent if there is a material change in circumstances.

The underlying fund costs for the portfolios currently vary between 0.58% (Cautious risk profile) and 0.65% (for Balanced Plus). The number of underlying funds in the portfolios currently varies between 18 (Balanced Plus) and 21 (Cautious).

John Spiers, CEO at EQ, commented: “With more people using drawdown than ever before, it’s imperative that we offer a range of income portfolios to meet this growing demand. This new range of portfolios is designed for investors seeking a steady and sustainable return, whilst retaining capital value. They will be based on the same disciplined investment approach that is the hallmark of all EQ portfolios. We expect them to be popular.

“Our experienced portfolio managers have a proven track record of managing multi-asset portfolios and are supported by a highly skilled team of investment research analysts.” 

Damien Lardoux, Portfolio Manager at EQ, added: “These new portfolios have been developed for investors who are looking for an actively managed, well-diversified portfolio and not just a single income fund approach. They complement our existing portfolios and we’ll incorporate ideas from across the range.”

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