Raynault VFX Chooses Qumulo to Create Ultra-Fast Cloud Render Farm with AWS

  • Platform Technology , Data
  • 07.05.2021 10:25 am

Qumulo, the breakthrough leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management across hybrid-cloud environments, today announced that Raynault VFX has partnered with Qumulo and AWS to innovate its rendering workflow, enabling the company to quickly scale to over 1,000 render nodes within a few minutes.

Since we deployed the Qumulo File Data Platform, the game changed. The platform lets us spin up one thousand computers within hours, not days or weeks. And we’re confident we can scale to three thousand nodes”, said Simon Ouellet, Pipeline Developer at Raynault.

Raynault moved from a legacy rendering host to AWS. Working with AWS Thinkbox Deadline and Qumulo® Cloud Q, part of the Qumulo File Data Platform, Raynault more than tripled the pilot project’s 300 cloud render nodes to over 1,000 nodes within the same short timeframe.

Whenever the company needs to build a render farm, it simply orders extra nodes in AWS and easily launches render jobs using AWS Thinkbox Deadline. Once the frames are rendered, they are quickly copied back to Raynault’s on-premises storage.

This level of scalability boosts the creative team’s productivity, enabling artists to quickly order high-quality VFX renders and efficiently meet critical client deadlines.

Teams from Raynault, AWS, and Qumulo worked closely together to build the rendering stack. Qumulo customer success was extremely responsive during the pilot project and remains highly available today with near-immediate engineer response 24x7.

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