Kinesis Launches Money Platform to Reform Monetary System

  • Platform Technology
  • 02.11.2020 04:09 pm

Kinesis, the monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver, announces the launch of its new Kinesis money platform. The fully redesigned platform offers a suite of new functions for users to make best use of its progressive technology.

At its core, Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system that rewards all who participate, and operates independent of byzantine banking infrastructure. By using precious metals once again, people can avoid the drawbacks of traditional Fiat currencies, such as instability and inflation. However, in order to bring this technology to the masses, Kinesis money has to be easy to use, both to retain and onboard users. 

The freshly updated dashboard offers a selection of new and improved features and equips Kinesis users with one convenient service to access and manage their precious metal assets from anywhere in the world. The redesign includes improved user journeys for its primary functions, such as depositing, exchanging and transacting, to ensure every interaction within the platform is both intuitive and efficient. The updated platform also includes the ability to send physical gold globally in seconds, 24-hour market prices and the globally accepted Kinesis VISA card.

Thomas Coughlin, CEO of Kinesis, said: “Recent months have highlighted the extent to which precious metals are a source of stability. Kinesis brings them back into use for every-day financial transactions. That’s why we’re excited to release our new Kinesis money platform, an efficient and digital way for users to utilise the advantages of precious metals. Our new dashboard enables users to trade, send and spend their precious metals simply and seamlessly. And while physical redemption is always an option, the Kinesis Visa Card allows users to liquidate their gold and silver to spend it in 195 countries across the globe. We say it’s time people entered a new golden era of precious metals trading.”

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