Instinet Announces Two Additional Tools to Plazma Online Account Management Platform

  • Platform Technology
  • 03.02.2017 08:00 am

Instinet Incorporated announced today that it has added two new tools to its award-winning Plazma online account management platform: Vendor Search and Credit Tracker.

Vendor Search helps users to efficiently find research providers by searching multiple categories, including sectors and specialities. Credit Tracker, designed to be MiFID II ready, helps provide customers with functionality to track and manage Commission Sharing Agreements and Research Payment Accounts. Instinet Europe is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as a Payment Institution, and provides cash management services that are consistent with the RPA approach. In addition, Plazma has undergone a refresh making it easier to navigate, which includes a snapshot of account standings, and customizable tables to quickly receive data for onsite and exported viewing.

“The additions of these new innovative features to Plazma are a direct result of working collaboratively with our clients to address their needs in an ever-evolving marketplace and regulatory environment,” said Luke Mauro, Global Head of Operations at Instinet Incorporated.

Developing solutions for MiFID II implementation

Instinet Europe announced its authorization from the U.K. FCA as a Payment Institution in August 2015.  “Instinet has been working with clients and regulators to develop practical solutions that support the regulatory approach set out in MiFID II. In becoming a Payment Institution, we expanded the breadth of our offering to support all research payment models, including CSA and hard dollar approaches. A key component of this offering is our ability to safeguard the research payment money we administer for our clients. Our commitment to providing an innovative and comprehensive client solution is further evidenced by the recent functional and aesthetic upgrades to Plazma,” said Patrick Gill, Head of Commission Management EMEA at Instinet Europe Limited.

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