EQ launches CheckSafe

  • Platform Technology
  • 05.08.2020 10:52 am

EQ, an international technology-led services and payments specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of its new employee background checking platform, EQ CheckSafe.


EQ CheckSafe is a fully digitised background checking platform that employers can use to ensure all new hires go through an efficient, transparent and fair screening process.


The platform was purpose built for HR professionals to provide a faster onboarding process that uses algorithmic checks for ID documents; allowing global background checks to be completed in minutes via a simple interface. 


EQ CheckSafe’s plug and play API, coupled with EQ’s high-quality services, delivers

  • Transparency for all parties involved: the platform provides updates so candidates will never need to ask employers what is happening during the screening process.

  • Compliance: designed by experts in regulation and compliance, EQ CheckSafe is fully GDPR compliant.

  • User Experience focus: EQ’s user experience is like no other in the industry. The platform was specifically developed for HR professionals.

  • Platform Management: packages can be configured and only include necessary checks.

  • Speed: Results available in seconds. 


Paul Dexter, MD at EQ Data, commented: “We are proud to launch EQ CheckSafe; a long time was spent working with HR and hiring experts to develop a streamlined interface that means, from an employer’s perspective, running a check is fast, reliable and easy. And, with less time spent on crucial but timeconsuming background checks, fewer candidates will be lost due to unnecessary delays. Both employers and new hires can take confidence from EQ’s credentials and pedigree in HR and large-scale, missioncritical and transparent data management.”

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