Plum Launches its Personal Finance App in Belgium

  • Personal Finance
  • 19.07.2022 11:10 am

Plum, the smart European personal finance app, is today announcing its launch in Belgium.

Belgians can now link their accounts to Plum from nine major banks including BNP Paribas Fortis, ING, and Hello Bank. Once the account is linked, Plum’s artificial intelligence analyses the customer's transactions and starts to automatically set aside small amounts of money regularly, adjusting to their spending and what they can afford. And customers can see their bank accounts in the Plum app so they have a complete picture of their finances in one place, giving them more control.

Belgian customers also have access to the Plum Pro account, which offers additional features for only €2 per month. In addition to savings rules such as the 52-week challenge and Rainy Days, which puts aside extra money when it rains, Plum Pro subscribers can set aside money in several customizable pockets based on their goals. 

Plum is entering the Belgian market with inflation reaching a new high in June at 9.65%, according to Statbel. As prices continue to rise, money management is even more important and Plum wants to help Belgians set aside money automatically and effortlessly through its technology. Plum has already helped people across Europe to set aside more than €1.3 billion.  

The launch marks the next step in Plum’s European expansion, having successfully launched in the UK, France, Spain and Ireland. The business, which has maintained its rapid growth, now has over 1.3 million customers. 

Victor Trokoudes, co-founder and CEO of Plum, comments: "We’re delighted to bring Plum to Belgium and help people here manage their finances. This is such a challenging period as people are experiencing levels of inflation not seen in decades, leading to a rapidly increasing cost of living. The need for long-term financial resilience has arguably never been clearer and we created Plum precisely to help people tackle this issue, ensuring that your money management is automated and looked after for the future. 

“Launching in Belgium is the latest major milestone in our expansion, demonstrating we truly are a European company. The intelligence of our app means we can offer a smart alternative to traditional tools and help people make their money go further in multiple ways. We’re excited about the new features we will offer soon, including providing retail investors with a simple, low-cost and accessible way to invest for the long-term.” 

In the coming weeks, Plum will also launch an investment feature, helping Belgians to make their money go further over the long term. The feature will allow people to invest in more than 500 U.S. stocks for as little as €1.

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